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Cosas que debes tener en claro:

1.- Los números suelen provocar dolor de espalda.
2.- Tener hijos o mascotas, requieren de tiempo, cuidados y sobre todo de mucha pero mucha dedicación.
3.- Nunca pero nunca permitas que el resto te llene de malas vibras y sentimientos negativos.
4.- A pesar de todo, NUNCA pero nunca dejes de SONREÍR!!!.


Frogfish are a variety of anglerfish that make up the family Antennariidae and can be found in tropical and subtropical waters.

They spend most of their time on the sea floor waiting for prey, which consists primarily of crustaceans and other fish. It begins to quietly stalk the prey by walking along the floor using its pectoral fins. When it is ready to strike, it rapidly opens its mouth to twelve times larger than normal, sucking up water and the fish.

These frogfish typically have many projections coming off of their body, which helps give the frogfish camouflage.

Image credit: Paul Rudder

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